ITSquare services portfolio is extensive and has been designed with the needs of our Channel Partners in mind. No matter what your size, in-house capability or your customer requirements. You will have the access to our skills, knowledge and resources whenever and wherever you need them. Our services comprehensive portfolio includes:

Consultancy Services

ITSquare industry experience and technology expertise helps in delivering world class business and technology services to our clients. Experience and deep technical knowledge enable the clients to exploit information technology to meet their business goals. High-end technology and unmatched consultants help the clients in achieving competitive edge and high performance. We provide end-to-end advanced IT consulting services . ITSquare strategic and vendor independent consultancy services are aimed at assisting our partners in engaging strategically with their target customers. Our consultants specialise in the following areas.

E-business Solutions

ITSquare provides professional website and mobile design, development and maintenance services for customers who are looking for new ways to promote their business and to get more customers using cutting edge technologies and creative web standards. Our skilled designers and developers accomplish various website projects from brochure sites to multi-functional web portals. ITSquare E-Business Solution includes the following services:

Web Development

Our web development services can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based Internet applications, electronic businesses or social network services.

Mobile Applications

Smart phones are changing the way we seek and relay information; It opens a new era in Information technology. Clients who are seeking for developing their own business always consider the value of mobile applications.


ITSquare online marketing plans and campaigns are the best way to promote your business online, get new customers ready to pay for your services. Also it is the easiest way to get clients within your local area. Whether starting a fresh new company or have your own marketing plan.

Training Services

We think that a dynamic and changing business environment requires a unique type of professional - one that doesnt presume to know the answers, as technology will be effective as the skills of the people installing, operating and using it. So developing skills is vital to maximize the benefit of technology investments. ITSquare training drives your organization and employees performance forward as our training depends on providing the needed practical experience, not just a theory on paper. So our courses include high amount of hands-on practical exercise in real/virtual labs, designed to really test new skills on safe environment and develop a real-world skills.